Electronic Coin Dispenser Machine

Project Description

After shopping, Trink automatically gives the customer the coins that constitute a part of the total change the customer will receive. Trink takes over the process of ‘giving coins to the customer’, which is a time consuming practice. It performs the same process in only 1 second at maximum.

Trink is capable of containing 238 one Turkish liras, 119 fifty cents, 112 twenty-five cents, 136 ten cents, and 416 five cents, amounting to a total of 351.2 Turkish liras in coins.

Project Details

It is capable of producing statistical data and calculating its own efficiency thanks to its hardware capacity. It is a CE certified and 100% domestic product compatible with IBM POS. International patent application has already gone underway.

Smart Management System (SMS), also a subject of international patenting, is a smart payment system that enables Trink to continue processing by replacing used coins with others of lesser value.

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