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With various approaches to your problems, we come up with the optimal solutions and put them into practice.

We are always with you until we are sure you are satisfied with the result. We then maintain our support.

  • All kinds of software projects and processes from concept to result
  • Web applications, mobile application and special software solutions
  • Business analysis and database architecture
  • table

Project Team Leaders

Serkan Köse

Business Development & Project Management

Graduate of ITU Electronics and Communications Engineering Department, MSc in Electronics. Experienced in entrepreneurship, market analysis, process development, business development, and work package analysis. Over 15 years of project management experience in various fields ranging from hardware-based jobs to software-focused projects.

Hakan Köse

Software Systems Architect & Project Management

Graduate of ITU Physics. Over 10 years of all kinds of software projects experience in business analysis, database and module design, OOP-based software architecture, and process management. Responsible for the software and architectural design processes of projects.

Burhan Çetinkaya

Software Development & Team Leader

Over 7 years of experience in software development and team management. Certified software specialist on Microsoft .NET technologies, HTML5, ASP.NET MVC, SIGNALR, and Windows AZURE. Constantly aimed at optimally integrating required technologies into relevant projects.

Analysis & Design

Analysis & Design In a professional manner, we conduct business analysis, a key process of any project, by looking into each work package and aligning our work with the object model.

Prototype & Development

By continually updating development and design processes that begin right after the analysis, we prepare them for the testing period with the delivery of a prototype.

Testing & Support

All the necessary changes appearing in our test environment and our business partner’s tests are rapidly incorporated into the project, and project support is maintained.

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