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Lena Field

A smart way of planning, executing, and managing service and audit activities on the field with mobile devices to collect critical information for store & vendor performance analysis to boost the power of your field services.

Professional Field Service Management

Lena Software’s Field Service and Audit management solution give you the ease of access to information and tools required to perform your field service tasks and allows you to collect critical information for store & vendor performance analysis.  When you conduct your field service activities using the Lena Field solution, you get timely and accurate data on your operational efficiency and get the chance to boost the power of your inspections. Conducting inspections, audits, safety & quality walks never become this easy. Now you can perform your audit tasks much more quickly and efficiently with Lena Field which can be adaptable to any type of industry.

Solution Features

  • Asset Management
  • Site Management
  • Field Team Management
  • Work/Task Management
  • Order Management
  • KPI Management
  • Survey Management
  • Planogram Check
  • Picture Capturing
  • Document Capture
  • Visit Scoring
  • Geo-tagging
  • Role Management
  • Notes & Actions
  • Map Navigation
  • Report Generation

Rule Designer

Rule designer is one of the most powerful features of Lena Field, it allows business users to visually create their processes, using a visual representation of their process. Not only they can create new processes but users can open existing processes created and see a visual representation of their process with editing capability.  This feature empowers business owners to take control of their audit processes by eliminating the need of technical support and coding.

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