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Creating the Best Forms Made Easy

Create custom forms according to the needs of different units and teams, simplify data flow even in the most complex and wide-ranging works.

Build the Best Forms

Lena Field allows you to add as many questions as you want to your forms, condition your questions based on the answers given and render them invisible where they are not needed.

With more than twenty form answer types, make sure your answers are correct and shorten the form completion times.

Add unit maps to forms and easily pin on them; direct your field employees to where they need to fill the form. Make their work easier.

Questions can be answered by adding photos, videos, and files to provide you with all the necessary information about the audit.

View the answered questions instantly or automatically forward the answers to consequential questions to your email address.

All of Your Important Data is Saved

Lena Field saves past unit audits and past customer contacts.

By triggering action with form questions, directly respond to emergencies and increase field safety.

With intelligent scoring, visits are scored automatically according to the answers given. Form data is prioritized by association.

While reporting the forms, create printout and email templates so that your field worker does not waste time.

Take action by seeing what you need to improve in communication and support with customer satisfaction surveys.


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