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Nothing Slips Beneath the Radar About Your Assets

Extend the life of your assets and make sure they are running at their most efficient.

Location Dependent Equipment Management

Simplify equipment control and registration in all units. Easily access equipment parts replacement, past maintenance, and breakdown information.

Be aware of any breakdown that occurs instantly. Speed ​​response and shorten downtime by ordering repair work.

Prevent financial damage caused by critical assets' downtime and instantly identify maintenance needs that degrade performance with equipment inspections. Detection asset underperformances on audits reduce the time that repair teams will spend searching for the source of the failure.

Use your workforce more efficiently and shorten downtime.

Create recurring maintenance orders for field technicians. Extend the life of your assets by maintaining them before breakdown.Avoid sudden interruptions in production or service.

End-to-End Asset Management with Lena Maint

To run asset maintenance processes faster and more detailed, you need to support your field service management system with a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS).

Lena Maint allows you to keep track of all processes from the moment you acquire the equipment to the moment you dispose of it. Track the progress of activities instantly and easily access detailed information about asset and technician performance.

Keep track of your expenses by assigning a budget to work orders and efficiently manage the orders created for both business technicians and third parties.

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