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Lena Field Usage Areas

Digitizing paper and pen inspections provides a smooth field inspection and reporting process. It facilitates access to the necessary information, speeds up the detection and intervention of errors on the field.

Discover how you can improve your inspection process with Lena Field.

Create the Most Effective Audit Forms

Lena Field allows you to prepare different form structures for different unit types. Use conditionally interlocking questions, mandatory fields, and many kinds of answers to perfect your forms.

Ensure your supervisor can complete forms faster and more efficiently with guiding notes and additions to the form.

Instantly Informed Regarding to Activities on the Field

Have the convenience of reviewing all forms in a few clicks at any time. Have all the information you need with the images, videos, and document additions while answering the questions.

Easily keep track of the date the audit took place, how long it took, and how time was spent on which questions.

Increase Your Business Safety

Notice any errors that could pose a threat to your business by creating Key Risk Indicators (KRI). Get instant notification in case of an issue or take action without wasting time by creating automatic action.

Make sure you provide your business employees with a safe environment that complies with the required standards.

Use Insights to Boost Your Performance

Real-time performance, equipment failures, areas you need to improve are reported through automatic reporting, and emails are sent to you as a newsletter periodically, so important information will never go unnoticed.

Easily convert any report to a different format, share it with your contractors or partners, and make sure you share the same goals.


#1 platform to help you digitize, scale and manage field processes

Field Team Management
Increase the coordination and performance of your teams, make sure the right person is doing the right job.

Manage Anytime, Anywhere

Easily manage your field teams with Field's mobile applications.