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Field sales - also known as outside sales - is the process of selling products or services outside of the office. Representatives go directly into the field to collect leads, make contact, acquire customers and make sales. Despite the rapid growth of online marketing in recent years, field selling still makes up a higher proportion of sales forces.


So why not use digital developments to help Field Sales Reps increase revenue? 


Traditional field sales are usually based on relationships. Existing customers' changing needs can require customized solutions and high expectations that are best managed by a Field Sales Rep who has already built up a rapport with them. And even the most experienced Reps can struggle to accurately predict the potential value added by a new customer. But one thing is for sure - charging higher prices than competitors in either scenario is likely to see both existing and potential clients looking for alternative solutions.


Dynamic pricing predicts the range for each customer by combining customer data with the market value associated with your location using geo-tagging to provide insights that help prevent losing existing customers while gaining new ones. 

 Benefits of Dynamic Pricing


While it might seem scary to switch to a dynamic pricing model at first, companies using the system are seeing the benefits day in and day out as their Field Sales Reps are given autonomy and authority within limitations. The system suits sales companies, clients and sales staff. Find out how you could get ahead of the competition. Get in touch today to learn more about Lena Field.


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