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Since the first implementation of CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System) in a variety of industries, it has enabled some significant improvements to businesses. A CMMS streamlines processes and provides real-time updates on repairs on equipment and one of the key benefits is to prevent unplanned downtime that can be very costly for companies.
The oil and gas industry is one of the world’s most crucial ones, providing energy that is used in transportation, households, and manufacturing around the world, so any disruption to this industry has a huge ripple effect on other industries. Therefore, employing a CMMS is a key solution to avoiding potential disruption to the provision of gas and oil.
Here are the main ways that CMMS benefits the oil and gas industry:

Preventative and Planned Maintenance

Part of the CMMS offering is preventative maintenance which involves the maintenance of equipment at scheduled times, rather than as a reaction to a breakdown. When unplanned equipment failures occur, productivity can be severely impacted, often waiting for parts to get delivered and booking a technician to do the repairs. With preventative maintenance the parts will be replaced at a scheduled time so will already be available, with the resources booked in to perform the repairs, therefore no unplanned downtime.

Workforce Management

CMMS software provides a business with an efficient way to manage workforce, giving a real-time view of availability and also providing the ability to run reports on working hours to make it easier to track invoice amounts. It can also provide information such as the skill levels required for certain jobs to ensure the right workforce is in place.

Work Order Management

A CMMS enables a more efficient way to manage work orders, showing progress of tasks and enabling delegation and re-assignment where necessary. The reporting functionality provides management with an accurate, real-time view of productivity and current workload.

Asset and Equipment Management

The equipment used in the oil and gas industry is generally very expensive and is considered to be a big company asset. CMMS helps to protect those assets by making sure they are repaired before any damage is made to the equipment. Keeping equipment well-maintained prolongs the lifespan and keeps the value up.

Improved safety and compliance

The oil and gas industry is a particularly hazardous one, so any improvements that can be made in regard to safety should be explored and CMMS provides one way of enhancing safety. By scheduling maintenance, there is less chance that equipment will break and therefore less chance of injury as a consequence. Adherence to health and safety compliance is monitored and recorded in a more organised way, so any issues can quickly be highlighted and dealt with.

Reports and Dashboards

Having access to better analytics is another benefit of using a CMMS and helping to drive businesses forward by giving them valuable insights. Important data regarding compliance is also readily available to provide to regulators.

More information on CMMS in the oil and gas industry

An interesting case study shared by Shell provides more detail on the huge impact CMMS has had on their operations. Outlining the key challenges they were facing such as long response times, the case study gives an overview of how Lena Software’s MAINT CMMS was able to bring great efficiencies, saving time and costs on maintenance work. You can read the full case study here.

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