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Selling is what keeps the company alive. Even though online sales are becoming more common, they can fall short in building customer relationships.

Field sales reps spend more time with leads to nurture them and align your products with the prospect’s pain points. Their face to face conversations prevent misunderstandings and help them to convey their emotions. Considering these, Field sales reps can achieve a higher percentage of deal closure rates.
So what can organizations provide their field sales reps to better support their sales cycle and achieve higher deal closure rates?  

Using data to turn leads into customers

Following traditional sales techniques can be safe, but using your sales reps' feedback for a new approach could help you to track the changes in customer behavior and set a new strategy for a more efficient sales process.
Using a field service management tool provides reps the ability to record and reach prospect’s data on the go. Prospect reports can be used to increase sales conversion rates.

Setting Achievable Goals

A motivated team is a productive team, so the simplest way of increasing productivity is motivating teams by setting the right goals. To be able to set reasonable goals, you should know the total number of sales attempts and the total number of deals closed by field sales reps. You can track your reps with field service management tools easily.

Identifying Key Metrics

Sales metrics and KPIs provide you and your team the insights that can improve your sales processes. You need to have a system in place that tracks sales performance throughout the sales cycle. This system should be able to track your lead and potential customer conversion, relationship with clients, goals and results, competitor pricing, time that is spent on the process and location correctness.
With this data, you will be able to clearly see where the bottleneck is in your sales cycle.

Giving Feedbacks

Feedbacks have a huge place in productivity improvement when it's also focused on the receiver's strength. 
However, it is important that you not only provide feedback about what your reps are doing right, but also provide feedback in the areas which they can improve. 
The commonly-held approach is starting your feedback with two things your sales reps do well and continue with pointing the issue specifically. 
To be able to achieve all the listed points above, you should provide the right solutions and technologies to your field sales team.  With Lena Field, you will have full control of your data. An easy and detailed reporting system also helps you to develop accurate field sales strategies. 

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