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About Shell Turkey

Shell is a global group of energy and petrochemical companies with around 86,000 employees in more than 70 countries. In addition to the energy and petrochemical services, Shell is mainly known by serving more than 20 million customers a day globally with Shell service stations for fuels, motor oils, car care products and more. While expanding its service station network in the Turkish market with 1000+ locations, Shell needed to rethink its approach to maintain its service station operations that enable cost reduction and make the processes more compliant.



Based on those challenges, Shell Turkey wanted to implement a CMMS. After assessing a variety of complex maintenance management systems, Shell Turkey selected Lena Software’s MAINT CMMS because of its enhanced user interface & experience, ease-of-use, operating speed and enriched reporting capabilities compared to other solutions in the market. With the ultimate goal of effectively managing maintenance activities, Shell Turkey replaced all the service processes with a radical transformation. Shell created a frictionless flow for all parties who engages with service station maintenance operations such as FMC/Operation HQ, Station/RBA, and Contractors.


Shell Turkey began using work order and equipment management to establish a baseline for corrective maintenance. Started with 20 stations as a pilot, MAINT now serves across all service stations. Right now, monthly maintenance requests are initiated from service stations, these requests are redirected automatically to the relevant vendors and this rate is constantly increasing as new vendors are involved in the system. The average call handling time is reduced from 60 minutes to 3 minutes. 2 to 15 emails per maintenance request are now replaced with web-based communication which reduces time spent by each party. 


Our purpose in implementing a CMMS was to minimize costs associated with maintenance by optimizing the work order cycle and improving reporting capabilities. MAINT CMMS helped us to oversee our work order & maintenance management and improve our bottom neck, extended system lifetime, increased labor productivity, and reduced maintenance-related costs. It is a proven instrument to ensure assets are properly maintained so it should be a key component of our asset management strategy. Since we had implemented MAINT, we were able to drop our costs dramatically. In comparison to previous years, our maintenance-related costs reduced.

*Lena MAINT (Previously known as Lena ATOS)


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