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Maintenance Management Beyond Your Expectations

Full Control Over All Operational Activities

Manage all operational processes as simple as replacing a light bulb or as complex as building a new structure.

Easy to Use at Every Stage of your Operations

Do not use different platforms for your business and task assignment; Lena Maint allows you to manage all types of processes from a single platform.

Follow complex technical works as well as less complex work processes such as site cleaning and oil changes.

Be aware of every activity in your business without the hassle of controlling multiple communication channels.

Systematize daily work, keep track of how your resources are used, get information about every employee in the production chain.

Thanks to a simple user interface that everyone can easily use, your employees can quickly adapt using Lena Maint. You can clarify job descriptions and roles by customizing them with detailed directions.


#1 platform to help you digitize, scale and manage maintanence processes

Work Order Management
Eliminate wasting time in complex work order processes by simplifying your entire work order process, from the request creation stage to the service request completion.

Manage Anytime, Anywhere

Easily manage your requests with Maint's mobile applications.